Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Plant Life

You might imagine the title has something to do with nature. Perhaps about green energy, organic food or community gardening. Well, it's really all about nature...the nature of man.

I was ready to toss aside the local newspaper and "Plant Life" caught my attention. An ad on the second page, right underneath the Ann Landers column and beside the obits list. The letters were a grass green color, bold print and wisps of slim green leaves bordered the "Plant Life" logo. Second line, in black bold, "Recommendations". Okay...on to the substance, pun intended.

This ad, paid for by a local physician, was intended to sell marijuana. Of course, this is a certified marijuana center. Our state has legalized the distribution and, thus, we can't complain that it is being offered to the public. Of course, there is more to this than the debate over legalizing marijuana. There's a lot to consider about this particular advertisement.

There's a charge for Registration. Only $125 for a bona fide consultaion, where you'll receive safe, natural treatment for Disease and Chronic pain. The ad notes also you'll be greeted by an informative and professional staff. Walk-ins are welcomed.

So what, you're saying. The state has sanctioned this activity, this kind of business. Some people may benefit from medical marijuana.

Take into consideration there are many reliable, therapeutic medications that relieve pain and help curb symptoms of various diseases. Medications that have been tested in numerous clinical studies, approved by the FDA and prescribed and administered by knowledgable professionals through out the community who do not charge a Registration fee for their consultation. Granted you pay a physician to prescribe legitimate medications...but a professional fee and registration fee are totally different and ethically different.

But what really frosts my cookies about this particular ad is the big, bold portion of the ad that details the location of the office. It's a vivid cross section of the intersecting streets with a thick line leading to the door. The line represents the main street in town. And circled in bolder letters were these words: JUST 4 BLOCKS FROM CAMPUS. 'Come on in,kids. We're just down the street'.

Now here comes the part about nature. Human nature....there's some of us you might call healthy plants and there's some of us that are just plain, ugly weeds. It strikes me that this particular business, those who advertise the medical marijuanna center, fall into the ugly weed category. Do you think JUST 4 BLOCKS FROM CAMPUS was an unintentional misnomer?

Naaa....just the nature of the beast, I'm sure. There's about 15 thousand students in close proximity to this informative and professional medical staff. I purposely avoided using bold to highlight 'professional medical staff'. Just my nature to read something more into the advertisement than what presents itself? Could be...but until proven otherwise, I'm going to talk to you all about these Plant Life recommendations.

Parents beware: Someone wants to sell marijuana to students.
Pain Victims beware: There are many safe, reliable, predictable, ethical medications to use to improve your quality of life and you don't/won't have to pay a registration fee or consume unknown, untested, unreliable Plant material (marijuana) to make your self feel better. In fact, if you do succumb to the advertisement, the plant material offered, you'll still have your will just be disguised in a cloudy haze of fantasy and elusion. Until you knock on the door again. Oh, and you'll have less money.

Nature....Human nature...there's a little bad in all of us, we're foolish, innocent and unsuspecting, dopers and dreamers. But lets not be 'drugged' by greed and misnomers.

Plants....well, some shouldn't be watered.

So...what's your thoughts about a little plant life down your main street?


Annette said...

Actually, my family has been approached to grow "it" on our farm--for medicine of course. NO thanks.

If weed is medicine then it should be dispensed from a pharmacy with a prescription just like all medicine.

Just my humble opinion. Annette

Margo Hoornstra said...


Not much more I can add except to agree entirely. As my husband always says, they can't legislate morality.

Thankfully, there are more good people than bad. This guy gives the profession of medicine a bad name.