Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's in the news?...

Another day of agony...
Alex Baldwin makes an ass of himself and the air waves are trembling with the 'news'. I wish there had been just one small announcement in the back of a very bad newspaper stating Baldwin had been thrown off a plane for being a major pain in the ass. Of course, the real reason would eventually leak out (rude, obnoxious, condescending, ignorant about rules that we all must abide by) and we'd all have a good laugh. But then he wouldn't get any major publicity to confirm in his mind he's a 'celebrity' which translates to the level of importance in his feeble mind. Did his publiscist leak the story?

Then another 'big' story--perhaps of a more lofty concern---Blago is going to do jail time. A political jokester who thought he could use tax payer's money to put 'his' people in office so they/he could juggle the system (at our expense) to suit their/his selfish, immoral needs. He did get a little break, though, from the jail time until February. Will that give him enough time to explain to his 'babies' (his words) the adversity he and his wife are facing? How do you tell your kids you are a blatant crook? And why would a woman with a clear mind, a strong constitution, stand by and weap? Oh, I get it, he's a 'celebrity', too. She loves dishonest, immoral men. Blago was a tough guy through the whole court process, on TV with bragging rights, claiming his innocence, nothing done that hadn't been done before...until he got caught, begged for mercy in front of the sentencing judge and showed that he really doesn't wear big boy pants when push comes to shove. Bye bye Blago...another dirty politician bites the dust. Oh yes, we pay for his dirty deeds while he's behind bars but perhaps it will dissuade other celebrity seeking, power hungry rouges.

And then the finale....I can't reminder this guy's name. The former football coach from Penn State who likes young boys. Maybe I'm the only person who doesn't remember his name---I'm glad I only have so much room for worthy info in this brain file. Okay, he hasn't been proven quilty. I'll be kind. But, in my book...where there's smoke, there's fire. How many young men have to come forward before the proof is in the pudding? What really bugs me is the fact many people knew his proclivities with young males for a long, long time. Why did they cover up his pedophile fetish? Because the game, the football game, was more important than the sexual cravings of a contributor to the game. Little boys grow up. Maybe they, too, would worship the game, foster the myth, engage in the religion of "Football Reigns".

A psychologist wrote on the subject...Why do respectable men cover up these dirty deeds? Bottom line, males generally stick together when the cause is greater than the mortals begins lost in the shuffle.

Whether it's male star status, the glory of the win, or politics, the group is the bigger picture. The limelight, the win, the instant gratification, these kind of guys dig it.

Thank god...or whomever, for all the other good guys in this world.

So where does this leave me? Overall, I'm more pissed with Baldwin...he's a total A.H. Has proved it over and over again and somehow, he's elevated to 'newsworthy'. And he thinks he's important!
The other two.....they are pathological and will eat dirt for quite a while. Jail time. Hopefully we'll all forget about the lot of them.