Monday, January 31, 2011

End of Month...

It was the worst of times and the best of.....something like that. January was a bitch of a month. NY got hit the way Dems do when they whine life isn't fair: a shit load of publicity falls on them from the Hollywood crowd and the liberal press. So the Big Apple got buried, again and again. Blame it on the Mayor, because it could have been another Katrina and the perfect politco would have prevented it. Snow.. in January. Go figure.
I'm actually not complaining as I'm up to my knees in snow, too. From my view, it is the perfect time to write, reflect, write some more. I'm hoping a book gets picked up soon by an agent. It's not necessarily a 'happy' story but it does offer a satisfying ending. The protagonist is on a quest for 'self' and thinks a vacation with her best friend will ease the angst. Unexpectedly, she's thrown into a middle-age crisis via an international terrorist plot. Will an American corporation pay big ransom bucks to bring home a wife of one of their up-and-comings? Whether they will or not, won't solve her problem. The price she pays for the undaunting experience is a fractured psyche. On her return home, she'll either mend or remain in a very safe, a mental hospital, where no one can get to her. Another journey she has to take by herself.
So January ends with the hint of spring on the horizon, a sunny day. Counting the weeks ahead then might hit the streets of New York if the Mayor has all the snow removed. Heard the labor union is taking a winter break...gotta love those Dem's and their work ethics.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Bridges...

What's new about today?....A look toward the future with a revamp of the great state of Michigan. We need jobs, we need a new image. We need jobs. While our new governor is mapping out a plan, I'm hoping people will decide to buy close to home. Cars, for sure. I'd buy more merchandise made in Michigan if products were available. It seems everything I wear is made in a country I barely can pronounce. When I look at the produce, most of it is tagged by foreign companies, too. Okay, I have to eat banannas from South American. But apples from the fall we're flooded with these foreign varietals. It makes me crazy...
On the writing front, I've transferred all my records to a portable device. Like a Mission Impossible scene, the bad guys coming for my worldly secrets, I'll grab my stick and hightail it out the door. My door is open for a trek down south...sun, warm weather, sea food by the sea. Will I miss the snow? Yes...but I get to write when I'm on the road. And with my little stick...I'm to work on more than one project instead of worrying about what's left behind.
This perhaps is another boring blog...I think most blogs are boring...but I wanted to reflect on new bridges, new ideas, new ways to be productive in the writing world. I need everything to be portable...everything. What if our government was more portable, more flexible. Put what needs to be done on one memory stick...a little device that doesn't cost to much. Streamline everything they do. We need roads, we need defense, we need a few laws enforced. Carry a little memory stick, do a big job. We'll see where this new bridge takes us. Cheers...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Catching up....

Ok, you might see by the dates, there's been a big lull in posts. Great! I've had lots to do and my characters have been talking like crazy. along the way. No details...too much, too common. We all have issues to deal with. Regarding that...when will decorum return and people put there troubles back in the pockets and get on with resolutions and improvements. It seems everyone has a rotten husband, a cheating wife, a boss that treats them poorly and a paycheck that is flat. And when their dog dies...the plea for sympathy never ends. Believe me, I know how hard it is when a dog dies. But like most tragedies, upsets, disappointments, healing begins with acceptance. Whining, complaining is like a mosquito bite on the listeners arm. Have we turned into a mush pot of emotions, streams of tears, fluttering nerves because we rag on about problems, disappointments and me, me, me? I think so often that is the case.
Okay, I'm out of here...too much to do and the sun is beginning to wane. I don't like saying this daily good bye but then I love curling up under a perfect down comforter with a good book and a gentle nudge of kindness from the one with the blanket tucked under a strong chin.
For now...Wil
Catching up----

Ok, you might see by the dates, there's been a big lull in posts. Great! I've had lots to do and