Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No mustard...

This Weiner thing is driving me nuts. Not because I dislike the media hype. No--because I'm dismayed that another high-profile rogue has turned out to be a total ass-hole; because a politician can and does what other folks in the real world can not do and pays no consequence. What drives me nuts is that so many people (his constituents...his liberal pals and confidants) say 'oh well'-- we all have sinned. Really? Okay, then let's all get down to the nitty-gritty and pay a price for our sins. Believe me, if a doc or nurse that I work with is putting their PUTZ on the internet, they are going to loose their job. Why? Credibility. Who trusts a Whacko? Yes, it's a rather important factor in real jobs. If my business world co-herts put their private parts on the internet, solictites attention from colleagues, associates or the public, they'd be out on the street. Fast. No further explanation needed. But the greater sin in the Weiner, without mustard, is the fact that this lying SOB went public with his lies. What happened to keep your mouth shut? If this Lying SOB had said 'this is a private affair' (no pun intended), then 3/4 of the sin would have been absolved. His wife and family could have dealt with the humiliation. His psychiatrist might have prescribed some pills to inhibit his impulses. But he went public and said "I didn't do this. I'm not lying...if you believe the pictures then you're the fool". To take the stance in public betrays all sense of logic. Keep thy sins to thyself. Fool. But then, in reflection, it looks like he has been counseled by none other than the contemporary master of deceit. "What is Is ...or it ain't sex if it isn't the actual act in the actual orifice." Blue dress aside, when rogues of this nature defy the standards of common decency, defy the bonds of even contemporary marriage where you can divorce, leave, negotiate if unhappiness prevails, you can only wonder what else is hidden in their secret files. Blatant lies in public, asking others to stand behind you is the weakest form of manhood. This Weiner character has no mustard on his bun. He is pure relish and if voters want that kind of narrow, superficial, cowardly character to represent them in congress then they deserve to be treated like the ketchup on the bun. An after thought for a Weiner that really has no substance. A cheap hot dog. An empty bun that tastes weak even with a splash of mustard and ketchup. Who wants that for lunch?