Friday, October 21, 2011

Teach a boy to fish....

There has been a lot in the press lately about the death of Steve Jobs. I, like many, was saddened by the early demise of a unique, energetic, creative thinker who made an impact on our culture and advanced technology beyond our imaginations. Steve Jobs knew how to fish.
Somone I love asked why are we mourning the death of one man when millions of children have been killed, or dying throughout the world. I believe she is speaking about the genocide, homocide activities in Africa.
Recently our gov't stepped up an effort to help by sending forces to train others in the area. The UN has made little progress in containing the violence and genocide. Often foreign forces sent in by the UN to protect have aided and abetted the offenders.
Every civil man or woman bemoans the enslavement, abuse and death of children and humans everywhere.
Unfortunately the U.S. can not be the keeper of all gates, not the benefactor to all helpless men, women and children, nor the savior for mankind. But it does a damn good job of offering aid and assistance at every turn.
What can be done about the astrocities? Can we save every child from starvation, abuse and death? In all of civilization, we have not found an answer or initiated a sustainable solution. Does that say more about the nature of mankind than it does about those who try to help?
Let's not negate the positive effect Steve Jobs, one individual, has had on our country and throughout the world. While modern technology bears his imprint and he acquired millions of dollars through ingenuity and persistence, he did not sit back or close his eyes on humanity. His endeavors created hundreds, thousands of jobs. Those wage earners went on to invest in the U.S., bought homes, paid for their children's education, contributed to the Red Cross, Relief for Tsunami, Hurricane, Flood and Fire victims, served as military protectors of freedom, volunteered at hospitals, churchs and welfare centers. They and thousands of others have not sat idle.
Steve Jobs alone was credited for contributing millions of dollar to advance science and distibute medicine for Aids relief in foreign countries. Some reports indicate that his efforts alone helped save hundreds of thousands of children.
Steve Jobs nor the U.S. government could not, can not prevent corrupt political leaders, rogue uncivilizied organizations and criminal minded activists from destroying hope or life itself in others.
What one individual can do is provide opportunities for employment and education. Free spirit and will of the individual dictates how one advances his life or that of others. Education, whether through traditional routes or self imposed, extends the possibility of freedom and well being throughout the world.
Steve Jobs' unique personality, skills and ingenuity offered an example for others. He knew how to fish.
Let's hope his contribution to mankind continues to effect many others throughout the world.
Teach a nation to fish and no one will go hungry.