Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Writers Police Academy

Whether your a romance writer or delve into heavy metal--cops and robbers' stuff---at some point in your career you should consider attending a real work-shop with police officers, fire officials, lawyers, forensic investigators, etc. Why? There's hardly a day go by without hearing, seeing, thinking 'cop stuff'. Newspapers loaded with real, everyday adventures, tv and interent exploding with details real or imagined. This week, Sept 23-26, 2011, Lee Lofland, a real officer of the law, is conducting an arduous conference full of reality, excitement and nerve challenging simulations.
Why do I go? A, B, and C...all of the above.
And...I marvel at all these dedicated people who sacrafice years of their lives, know people who literally sacraficed their life, and just don't get the credit they deserve.
If you want to see true, patriotic, hard working, dedicated people...walk close to their shoes...attend a conference where these community minded people gather. Great Job Lee Lofland for pulling this all together!!