Wednesday, March 21, 2007


What a way to start a blog? Who would have thunk..... Seems a lot of romance writers and readers are going to fume about a radio show commentor's reported remarks: 'romance novels are porn for women'. Makes me wonder about writing in general. How do writers define their work and should we? Does it matter what others say about what is read or written? What matters is the reason we write. Are the romance stories reader driven? Or do they reflect the writer's view of the world? Do they reflect the writer's wish for the world?
Writing is such a subjective task...perhaps an obessive compulsion.
It shouldn't matter if someone voices their personal opinion about a genre. Who cares? You write and read what you want. Free will/free speech...and the more hysterical a voice is in objection to the opinion...well, the more hysterical they are preceived. The point is to get on with writing...and and running to write a Spice Agency story: romantic, suspenseful, meaningful. Relationship driven. Isn't that enough? Cheers, Wil