Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Author....

I always say writing a book is easy. The hard work is getting it published. I'm happy to report that Lane Stone's book, Current Affairs, is published and has been released. I'm happy she offered me a copy for review. Scroll down below, past the blogs, to read the review (please).

Today is a good day to Write for Reason. This one is not a rant, not a warning, just a good-feeling chat. It's about Lane Stone.

I met Lane (alias Abbey)at Killer Nashville. We were trying to figure out who stole the beef. A mystery. Sort of...dinner arrangements were changed by the event organizer and a few stragglers didn't have a clue as to where we'd get our meal fix. Other than the hunger pains and a great need for a glass of red wine, we didn't care about the beef. We intended to listen to mystery writer, Jeffery Deaver, and we'd dished out $75 for the dinner event. Plus, the high heels we were wearing to prove we could still walk with straight ankles were annoying.

So we joined forces, put our collective wisdom together to locate the beef. Luckily our instincts were intact even with the above noted distractions. We found the dining room. The salads were still being passed and a waiter still taking drink orders. Big Red wasn't quite appropriate for the asking, the dining room fit the occasion, so we settled on a robust Zin and didn't gulp it too quickly.

Thing is, we were virtual strangers. But it didn't seem like it that night. We had a great dinner together...well, we actually were seated with 6 or 8 unsuspecting writers/fans who listened to our chatter and joined in occasionally. We had a lot to talk about---we didn't know each other.

At any rate, Lane Stone's book is available. Current Affairs...a Tiara Investigations Mystery. There's no mystery is a funny book. You'll get the essence of Lane when you read the story. But between the lines, you'll uncover this witty, intelligent, good looking lady who's not afraid to laugh out loud or make a new friend. She's a worldly chick with a lot of chique. If by chance you meet her at a writer's conference, invite her to dinner. Tell her I said hello....
Cheers, Wil

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Ellis Vidler said...

I certainly enjoyed Lane's trailer for her book and hope to meet her myself at a Sisters in Crime talk in Greenville. Killer Nashville is on my wish list for next year too. In spite of near mishaps at dinner, it sounds fun.