Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wedding....

Big day for the royal couple. I didn't set an alarm clock to view the happy couple recite their vows. Enough already on TV, radio and internet. The repeats will provide all the nauseum. It's not that I'm against weddings, love, kisses and all the gush. What makes the gut churn is the damn drama, the hype, the extravagance.

Pure luxury, pure unadulterated waste of precious resources. I would have been so impressed if Will and Kate would have said 'this is the most important event of our lives, we need to focus on the moment, the beginning of a good life together. Turn off the cameras please'. Holy matrimony. Holy Cow.

What is even more disturbing is the continual reference to Diana and Charles. Who would want their union compared to the very public, scandalous relationship of two mismatched souls? You would hope the bride and groom be given a bit piece over the past. A token of respect. But, no, media skunks make the most of the worst and shove it down our throats...or down the gullets of the royal family. Why would they allow themselves to be exploited in such a callous way?

Exploited? Hmmm....maybe. Or is everyone, including the younger members of the 'royal' family as greedy for everlasting celebrity status, the magic crown bestowed on them as being truly 'remarkable' human beings, deserving of all the pomp and circustance, that they overlook the hype, drama, debauchery, the foolisness of the whole event.

I wish the couple well. I wish every married couple well. Life is difficult, no matter a big golden spotlight or a flame that flutters in a cold wind. There are so many important concerns that need to be resolved in this world that I can't help but cry over the waste...the terrible injustice, the gross attention to the most trivial details. And if history repeats itself, I shudder to think what we'll have to endure when the media skunks go wild again and make news out of a not so unusual event.

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