Friday, February 25, 2011

Busy Month

Pick a subject that hit national news this month and your blood might boil. Especially if you are a passionate writer and/or have a desire to make sense of this crazy world. I'll start out light to keep my blood pressure near normal. Did you see the new designs that took over the runways a couple of weeks ago? I'm sure everyone, everyone would say they were colorful. But what female with two breasts, natural hips and the urge to sit on a toilet would add these costumes to their closet? Hems trailing six feet behind, patterns so wild you should worry if you're near open land. Who holds your skirt tail if you have to sit on the pot? Eagles and impalas across your breasts or over your arms? You'll get shot during hunting season. Please, leave the owls and foxes where they belong. Cut our dresses at the knees, please. Girls want to look like girls...even if your 40, get my drift? Leave the stupid designs on the boards and get back to real clothes. Sexy, smart, flattering.
Protests? God bless those with a cause. But get real, why should taxpayers go broke paying for someone else's health care and retirement benefits? I'm all for giving early retirement and special privileges to high risk profession...god, I love those cops and firefighters with nerves of steel and backs to match. Give them more than those mindless basketball players who too often carry a gun and shot themselves in the foot. Give every soldier free health care for life and a college education. But if you choose another profession...teacher or desk clerk for a public organization, you should plan for your retirement just like everyone in the private sector. Save your money, pay yourself first. It is not my job to pay you to sit on your duff when you turn 55.
Freedom...those in the middle east are working on it. Why we continue to extract oil from dictators is beyond reason. Wonder what would have happened if the citizens had 2nd ammendment rights years ago? For all those bleeding hearts who say we should be a little more like Europe...take a good look at what is going on in Europe's backyard. Protect what we have at home, give up our dependency on foreign oil and drill at home. I'm not giving up my car to ride on a camel. Drill, baby, drill.
Charlie Sheen...did I read they are cancelling his show? Great...another looser out of the face of US kids. Yeah!
Now if all this doesn't get a writer riled...summer is coming. If there's a hurricane (god forbid), who will we blame it on?
Cheers, Wil

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Jacqueline Seewald said...

Personally, I think he was sick of the show--okay, just plain sick period!